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Van Volumes Specializes in Short Run Paperback Book Printing for Small and Self Publishing

"Thank you for the excellent job on my guide which you printed earlier this year"

-B. Holcomb, Professional Genealogist
South Carolina

"Thanks again for being our knight in shining armor jumping on your faithful steed to race out and slay yet another dragon I didn't realize was still breathing fire. I owe you one."

-A. James, Facilitator, Publishers Associates

"I am delighted with Van Volumes cooperation, printing, and shipping…Thank you very much for top quality work, excellent cooperation, fast delivery and a professional-looking book, from cover to selection of paper. …You proved (to be a good choice) by your friendship, knowledge and superior workmanship. I, and my customers, am very pleased with your work, and I look forward to having you produce my future books."

-D. Vieweg, Don Vieweg Communications
Rhode Island

"The books are beautiful. You did a wonderful job, as usual, way ahead of schedule. The books arrived here the day after you shipped them UPS ground. Thank you."

-N. McKelvy, The Dunery Press

"Please, accept my sincerest thanks for the fine printing job your employees have done on my behalf. … From the moment I set foot on your property for the first time, a feeling of friendliness and cooperation seemed to radiate from every person of your staff. And the resultant ‘can do’ atmosphere, blended with promptness and efficiency, lasted throughout the time my book was in the making. Every part of your firm contributed, eager to please and produce. … I am glad to have come to VAN VOLUMES with my task that you have done so well and will recommend you to my friends. It is a pleasure to do business with you."

–E. Mahlo, Condor Literary Service

"A few months ago, our congregation… needed publication of a cookbook with recipes compiled by my late wife to be used as a fund-raiser. … The book was recently completed and has been an immediate success. Your people did a fine job."

– W. Goldstein


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